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    ESF 921 Insect Cell Culture Medium, Protein Free#96-001-01

    產品品牌:Expression Systems


          Widely recognized as the industry standard for BEVS applications, Expression Systems insect cell culture media are designed for maximum virus and protein expression. This serum-free, protein-free insect cell culture medium provides unmatched cell growth and expression for a wide range of insect cells including Sf9, Sf21, Tni (High FiveTM) and Drosophila S2.

    • Sf9 cell densities of 15 x 106 cells/ml or greater;

    • Produces high titer baculovirus vector yields of 5E8 to 3E9 infectious units/ml;

    • Available in 1L bottles and media transfer bags of 10, 20 and 50L volumes;

    • Complete, ready-to-use, contains L-glutamine;

    • Ideal for scale-up manufacturing;

    • Works with a wide variety of baculovirus and host cell platforms;

    • Adapted cells available.

    Superior Growth and Reproducibility

          Expression Systems’ ESF 921TM Insect Cell Culture Medium is designed for maximum expression for applications such as; gene therapy drug substance, virus-like particles, virus vectors and proteins of interest. ESF 921TM is widely recognized as the industry standard for the baculovirus and insect host cell system.The line graph presents reproducible growth curves for Sf9 cell cultures in nine different lots of ESF 921TM medium manufactured over a period of 12 months. 


          Sf9 cells from a mid-log phase culture were seeded into *9 different lots of ESF 921TM at a density of 0.75×106/ml. Cultures were sampled daily to determine viable cell count.

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